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Change the game, expand your SMP skills and better your technique

SCALPA Online Interactive PRO Training is helping artists take their skills to the next level. Gain confidence in your craft as you further develop technique and understand the skills in creating perfect hairlines, with every procedure. If you are serious about making SMP a specialty in your shop, this is the online training program for you.

Requirement: You must have already completed our Online Interactive Training Graduate Program.

This online course is directly taught by Bryce Cleveland, founder, and CEO.


Course Training:

  • Master the scar camouflage – utilizing machine power and gradual impressions we teach you how to blend in the scar without over concentration the scar with color.
  • Master the perfect natural hairline – following Bryce Cleveland’s exact procedure, he will show you how to create the perfect natural hairline that if followed exactly, you will have it mastered, every time!
  • Two kinds of procedure techniques taught to utilize on different clients.
    1. Beautiful mess – a process of overlapping pigment randomly without for foresight of pigment already deposited prior.
    2. Dot to dot – Replicating impressions and going over same impressions 2nd and 3rd procedure.
  • Back of head blending into coarse hair mastery – this will be the only reason a client will come back for the fourth session. Learn this technique and make the back of the head hair disappear without working so hard to do it. This is a major factor in saving time and money while performing your procedure.
  • 3D SMP Pro Mastery Level Multi Color Formation Process – utilizing multiple colors to give more depth and dynamic to your procedure making the results more realistic.
  • You must have already completed our Grad Online Interactive Training Program.
  • Due to the design and sensitivity of this program, there are no refunds.
  • All sales are final

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S•cal•pa - (noun) \'skalp-ah\

Metamorphosed into a confident, self-assured, brave, forward-thinking, empowered creative person. Possessing high values & great character in all areas of life.

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USA: (855) 424-7828
UK: 0845 468 0433
Australia: (+61) 7 3088 7740
International: (+1) 855 424-7828